Keys to a Beautiful and Healthy Winter Wonderland in Your Yard

By Eddie Rodieck

After a long summer and lingering heat in the fall, winter has finally arrived in Tucson! Here are a few things you will want to keep in mind as we enjoy the cooler temperatures of the winter season.

Frost Damage

Your plants may be starting to show some signs of discoloration due to the cold weather and frost. Here at Cherry Landscape, we will begin to schedule pruning of plants at the end of February to remove damage caused by the cold. We wait until then in order to avoid the chances of any further damage by frost. Some customers prefer to handle their own pruning now, but we highly recommend you wait in order to give your plants a little buffer against the cold.


Now is not the time to worry about fertilizing your plants. It is best to wait until January to begin fertilizing your plants. The reasoning behind this is that any fertilization now will promote new growth during the dormant season. Waiting until next month will allow time for the fertilizer to work itself into the soil and be available for the root systems in February and March when the weather begins to get warmer again. The experts at Cherry Landscaping will fertilize all flowers biweekly when the time comes to keep blooms bright and healthy.


Another plant that needs special attention is roses. It is recommended to leave roses alone until they can be pruned back for the winter in January. We will also treat them with manure and dimethoate for grubs at that time as well.

Irrigation Systems

All of your irrigation systems will need to be checked for leaks. You can turn on your system and check them for any problems at this time. Make sure you have reduced your drip systems to once a week and that dormant lawns have also been reduced to once a week. Cherry Landscape is happy to help you with checking your irrigation systems before the cold hits hard. We can also check and replace all batteries in timers for you. There is an extra cost associated with replacing batteries.

Rye Lawns

This is the time of year that rye lawns replace the Bermuda grass we are all used to in the summer months. We will be monitoring the rye lawns of our customers for fungus and checking sprinklers on a regular basis. All fertilizing has been completed at this time, but if you should notice a brown discoloration on your grass, you can call us and we will respond immediately.

Dormant Lawns

All dormant lawns have been scalped or will be scalped by the end of January. This allows them to sit dormant through the winter and be ready to sprout back to life as soon as the temperatures begin to rise.

Fall & Winter Pruning

The following items have been already completed for customers of Cherry Landscape:

  • Removal of seed pods from Mexican Bird of Paradise
  • Topping Salvia
  • Removing Desert Spoon seed pods
  • Pruning and removing Hesperaloe seed pods

Heavy Pruning Schedule

We are beginning to initiate a heavy pruning schedule for our customers who have approved the work that includes the following:

  • Topping of large Texas Rangers and other plants
  • Thinning and lifting of large Mesquite
  • Thinning and reducing of plants cape to enhance contrast and perceptive in congested areas

If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the landscape maintenance items mentioned above, please feel to contact Cherry Landscape at (520) 292-9776 or at May you have a wonderful winter season in your yard and garden!