The Best Landscape Designs Require a Vision for the Future

Things to consider before breaking ground on your outdoor dream

By Eddie Rodieck

One of the most important things you can do before installing or revamping your landscape design is to think about your long-term vision for any property. There are many items one should consider before throwing new plants, trees, and irrigation into the ground. With proper planning, you can save time and money while creating the perfect garden of your dreams.

Effective Irrigation
In order to grow your garden, you will need to have an effective irrigation system in place. Whether you need to install a pop-up sprinkler system to water your fresh, green lawn or drip irrigation for plants, you will need to plot your irrigation system in advance.

Should you already have irrigation in place, it behooves you to consider having a complete system analysis conducted to determine if it is up to the challenge of conforming to a new design. If it is aged, it may be just as cost effective to replace your existing system as it is to rework and replace parts in your current irrigation.

A new system will require less water, helping the environment and saving you money, for years to come. With a new irrigation system, you can see a savings of one third to ½ on your current water bill. You can even choose to incorporate water conservation ideas such as rain harvesting that will save you even more money while being environmentally friendly.

The Right Stuff
Living in the Sonoran Desert as we do, water usage is a definite consideration. Some plants require less water than others yet can produce the same glorious results. There are many low-water use plants people can choose from to create an inviting and relaxing environment.

In addition to choosing the right vegetation to achieve your vision, you also need to determine the right amount of vegetation. Too many plants can begin to grow over one another and look sloppy or even kill one another vying for water, nutrients, and space. By removing up to a third of vegetation, you can reduce your water usage and the associated costs while maintaining gorgeous landscaping.

Adding Spots of Color
With a planned vision for the future, you can incorporate a stunning palate of color into your garden with the right plants. A rainbow of one-gallon ground cover can create contrast and perspective in your vegetation through the years. Plants such as Lantana can be properly placed to give a splash of color to your garden where you want it.

At the same time, you don’t want your spots of color to grow into a field of vegetation that is indistinguishable from plant to plant. That is why planning your vision out before planting is so
very important. These plants can spread out over time and require thinning to retain their distinction and desirability.

A Matured Design
Another thing one must consider when planning out a vision for their landscaping is what it will all look like when fully mature. Will the original landscape design still make sense 10-15 years down the road? For example, will the vegetation you are selecting be too dense?

When planted too close together, plants can lose their distinction and beauty. Thus, the selection and placement of vegetation with an eye on the future is imperative. You’ll also need to consider the care plants will require as they grow as well as when they are completely mature. Will the plants you selected need to be thinned and maintained? Will tall trees need to be trimmed and how often?

Access to sunlight is another issue with mature plants. Vegetation that requires sunlight may begin to struggle when they end up in the shade of a mature tree five years from now. By envisioning what you want your garden to look like 10 years from now, you can choose the best vegetation and plant placement to achieve your goals.

Planning for Your Long-Term Vision
As you can see, proper planning is imperative to achieving your long-term goals for your garden. Architects and planners may often offer a creative concept, but they also often fail to envision what it will all look like in the future because they aren’t there as the plants grow. To keep your vision alive, it is imperative to reevaluate your garden as it grows and matures. Doing so will help you create a water-efficient, personal escape full of color and beauty that will last for years to come.

If you need help with planning a long-term vision for your garden that is attractive and sustainable, contact the experienced experts at Cherry Landscape at or call us at (520) 292-9776. We can help you achieve your dreams for your future garden today.